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About Kids Wheels Ride Toys
KidsWheels was established out of a passion for Excellence and Quality in Children's Electric Battery Powered Ride On Toys.


kids ride on toys ford mustang"Click-and-Mortar Store" describes a store that exists online and has a physical walk in location as well ! KidsWheels has been an excellent example of a "Click and Mortar Store" for over fifteen years. We have over 3500 Square Feet of Showroom and Shop Area, Visit us Online or stop in! Either way you are always welcome!


We specialize in Ride On Toy sales, service and repair, parts, batteries and accessories for most any Ride On Toy.

From Complete Vehicles to Electric Ride On Toy Batteries, Ride On Toy Battery Chargers, Ride On Toy Switches, Ride On Toy Gearboxes, Electric Ride On Toy Wiring, and other operational parts, KidsWheels has it all ! If it involves Wheels for Kids we have it!


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Peg Perego John Deer Gator XUV 550


The Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV can haul toys, leaves, and almost anything else that will fit in the dump bed. This vehicle will carry two riders at once! This is the all-new Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV 550. It is the perfect ride-on toy vehicle for your little yard helpers! Your kids can drive around in the yard and help with the chores(yeah right!) in this realistic ride on vehicle from Peg Perego. The Gator XUP 550 ride toy features a large working dump truck style bed with a tailgate that opens up for drop off or pickup. The vehicle features a 3-position Smart Pedal accelerator which provides a smooth ride and conserves ride time. It also features automatic brakes, which also help to increases ride time for even MORE adventures! The vehicle has 2 speeds plus reverse (2 1/4; 4 1/2; mph) and it has a second gear lockout for beginner drivers.  Check out the Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV in our catalog...

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Peg Perego 6 Volt Battery

Shop with Kids Wheels for Peg Perego 6 volt battery. We stock most Peg Perego 6 volt battery and batteries for your Peg Perego Kids Ride on Toys. Most batteries and Peg Perego 6 volt batteries are shipped the same day. Be sure to properly install your Peg Perego 6 volt battery before use or damage to the Peg Perego 6 volt battery or unit may result. Peg perego 6 volt battery are designed specificly for Peg Perego toys and batteries other than Peg Perego 6 volt battery should not be used. All Peg Perego 6 volt battery and batteries come fully charged and ready to use.


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Summer Toy and Play Safety Tips

Summer Ride Toy and Play Safety Tips

24 volt ride on toys

Follow these tips to make your outdoor summer ride toy play safe and more enjoyable.

1. Keep plenty of water or sports drinks on hand before, during and after outdoor play. Studies show that children do not always experience thirst before dehydration, so it is important that they drink regularly even when they do not feel thirsty.


2. Always have children wear sunscreen when playing outside. They should apply an SPF of at least 15.


3. Constant adult supervision during play is crucial, particularly for outdoor activities involving ride-ons and pools.

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