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How to change the Gearbox in your Peg Perego Gaucho Grande PDF Print E-mail




The following procedure explains the recommended method of removing and replacing the electric motors on your Gaucho Grande electric toy.

WARNING: Disconnect and remove the battery prior to beginning this procedure. This procedure is best accomplished by turning the toy over so the underbody faces up.


  1. 1.Remove the red center cap from either rear wheel.
  2. 2.Remove the lock nut and washer. It will be necessary to hold the nut at the opposite end of the axle. Otherwise the axle will turn freely. Remove the wheel.
  3. 3.At the opposite end of the axle, pull the axle and wheel out of the toy.
  4. 4.At the rear of the toy, over the simulated coil springs, locate and remove (2) suspension pan cover screws.
  5. 5.Lift and swing the suspension pan cover to its open position.
  6. 6.At each rear wheel remove (3) screws that hold the motor mounting disk and motor to the suspension pan. Note: The motor will fall away as the screws are removed.
  7. 7.At each motor detach the motor cover from the gear housing. Disconnect (2) wires from each motor. Discard old motors. Do not discard motor cover and screw. Install a motor cover on each new motor.
  8. 8.Position a new motor for installation. Be sure the locator pin on the motor is seated in the locator pin hole in the suspension pan, and the mounting posts stick through the suspension pan to accept the motor mounting disk.
  9. 9.Position the motor mounting disk and attach it to the motor mounting posts using (3) screws from Step 6. Be sure the screws are fully tightened. Repeat procedure to install opposite motor.
  10. 10.Attach motor wires:

Passenger side: black wire to terminal with red dot, white to the other terminal

Driver side: Red wire to the terminal with the red dot, blue to the other terminal

  1. 11.Insert the axle/wheel removed in Step 3. If the toy has an axle cover, hold it in position between the motors and slide the axle through it. Rotate the wheel if necessary to seat the hex drive on the motor into the hex shaped wheel hub.
  2. 12.Slide the opposite wheel onto the axle. Secure with the lock nut and washer from Step 2. Install the center cap from Step 1.
  3. 13.Swing the suspension pan cover closed and secure it with (2) screws from Step 4.
  4. 14.Turn the toy upright, install and connect the battery. Test the toy.

How to change the Gearbox in your Peg Perego Gaucho Grande