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How to change the Motor Gearbox in your RZR PDF Print E-mail


How to change the Motor Gearbox in your Peg Perego RZR

1. Take a flat screw driver and prior the hub cap off both rear wheels.

2. Place a wrench or pliers on 1 wheel and a wrench or ratchet on the wheel you wish to remove. You will need to hold the opposite side nut in place

while turning the nut on the wheel you are trying to remove. If you have a long enough arm span, 1 person can hold and remove. But it is easier to

have a person hold the nut in place while you are removing the nut on the other side.

3. Remove the wheel. Caution: Do not loose your washer on top of the tire.

4. Remove the 4 screws on the motor gearbox cover. There are 2 tabs on the long ends that you can push in to remove the cover.

5. Slowly pull out the motor gearbox so that you can reach your hand in to gently pull off the motor wires from the motor prongs. Remove from axle.

6. Closer picture of the inside motor prongs and wires.        

7. Remove the two screws that hold the motor to the gearbox.

8. Lift off the metal spacer from your old motor.

9. Place the spacer onto your new motor matching up the screw holes, making sure the spacer is flat against the motor. If the spacer is not flat, flip the

spacer over so that the pegs are up.

10. Place screw through gearbox and line up the screw through the spacer and into motor. (White arrow) Also insert pegs into hole. (Black arrow) Tighten

screw. Insert second screw and tighten.

11. Note: There is a red dot by one of the prongs on your motor. Attach the Blue or White wire to this prong. There should be White and Black colored

wires for one wheel and Blue and Red wires for the other wheel.

12. Slide the new motor gearbox onto the axle, noting what prong has the red dot. Attach the blue or white wire to the red dot prong and the red or black to

the other motor prong. (see picture #5) Caution: Be careful not to break off the motor prong when sliding on the motor wire.

13. Make sure your battery is hooked up and the wheel can turn without moving the vehicle. Press on the gas pedal and confirm that the internal gears are

turning forward. If you are not sure which direction the gear is turning, slide your wheel onto the axle until the wheel sets inside of the gearbox. Press

the gas pedal and confirm that the wheel is going forward. If the gears or wheel are going backwards, remove the wheel and left up the motor gearbox

and exchange the two wires around. Remove the tire.

14. Snap the motor gearbox cover into place. Insert the four screws. (see picture #4)

15. Place your wheel on the axle and rotate tire until settles into the gears. Place metal washer onto the axle. (see picture #3)

16. Screw nut on axle. Remember to hold the other wheel’s nut in place to tighten this nut. (see picture #2)

17. Pop on both rear wheel hubcaps by inserting tabs into the holes. (see picture #1)

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