Peg Perego Tractors Gearbox Replacement Instructions Print

Peg Perego Tractors Gearbox Replacement Instructions


The following procedure explains the recommended method of removing and replacing one or both drive motors in your John Deere Power Pull electric toy.

                       Warning: disconnect the battery prior to beginning this procedure.

  1. 1.Remove the seat from the unit by turning the unit over and removetwo Phillips head screws holding down the back end of the seat.
  2. 2.Turn unit right side up and locate the screw found under the rear fender directly above the rear wheel. Repeat for opposite side.
  3. 3.Turn unit completely over and locate the four pressure tabs. These tabs run side to side along the middle og the underbody. Using a pair of pliers, pinch and push the pressure tabs uo through the body.
  4. 4.Turn unit over and remove the upper body by lifting up on the roll bar assembly.
  5. 5.Pull the wire connectors off the motor terminals. If you are replacing a single motor, disconnect the appropriate terminals.
  6. 6.Using a flat blade screwdriver, remove the center hubcap from both rear wheels.
  7. 7.Remove the pressure cap and washers at the center of the wheel, by using a pair of pliers and/or a flat blade screwdriver.
  8. 8.At the opposite wheel, pull the wheel and axle out of the toy.
  9. 9.Locate and remove the 2x2 inch circular spacer. This spacer is found below the metal motor in between the gearbox and the middle of the toy’s body. Remove the two screws from the outside of the gearbox(es) being replaced.
  10. 10.Remove the motor gearbox. Repeat step 9 if you are replacing both.
  11. 11.Install the new motor gearbox(es). Secure the motor gearbox into place by installing thr 2x2 inch circular spacer in between the gearbox and the middle body of the toy. Also-re-installing the 2 screws from step 9. Line up the holes in the center of the spacer with the hole in the gearbox body.
  12. 12.Connect the wire connectors to themotor terminals. RIGHT SIDE: black forward, white rear, and LEFT SIDE: blue forward, red rear…** Position of the wires may be reversed depending on the model year of the unit. ** For older models, reverse position of the wires.
  13. 13.Install the axle and wheel by inserting the axle end into either motor, pushing the axle through the toy, through the opposite motor and out the opposite side. Be sure the cross shaped drive hub on the wheel fully seats on the cross shaped drive hub on the motor.
  14. 14.Install the wheel from step 7, the large flat washer and the pressure cap. Turning the toy over on its side will provide easier installation of the pressure cap.
  15. 15.Install center hubcap by pressing it into the hub.
  16. 16.Connect the battery and test the vehicle. If the motors fail to operate, check all electrical connections. Retest. Replace motor compartment cover and seat. Ensure all screws and pressure tabs are completely intact.