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Ride On Toys

Ride On Toy Cars for Kids is our Specialty

Choose the Right Ride on Toy for your Child

Determining the right ride on toy option for your child based on their age, height, skill set, and favorite place to play is essential to bringing a huge smile to your child’s face.

Age and Height Matter When Choosing a Ride On Toy!

We’re familiar with the progression—tricycle to bicycle with training wheels to two-wheeler—of ride on toys based on age and development. Younger children should certain start with a small push wagon or tricycle and work up to a bicycle before a toy car for kids is even an option. You can see a variety of age-appropriate options on our website, separated into age ranges for your convenience. Before you purchase anything, make sure that the age and height restrictions of the ride on toy match your child.

Why does height matter with a ride on toy or a toy car for kids? It’s most definitely a safety issue. In order to operate a ride on toy safely, a child must be able to stand over the vehicle and be able to put both feet flat on the ground. A child must also safely reach handlebars/steering wheels and pedals.

Where Will YOUR Kids Drive Their Ride On Toys?

If your kids are less outdoorsy and more inside people—we don’t judge—then you want to make sure to choose the cars for kids who are made for the air conditioning. A large Jeep-type riding toy just won’t work in most homes, but a push car or a 6V ride on toy with a slimmer profile may work beautifully. If you’re raising a rough and tumble, dirt-loving kid, you can choose the larger ride on toys built for difficult terrain.

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