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Battery Recycling - Recycling Electric Kids Car Batteries

power wheels 12v batteryRide on toys, electric bikes and electric scooters - we all have them and we all will have to replace our batteries at some point, or perhaps already have.


What to do with those used electric kids car batteries?

You are not allowed to put them out with the trash and can't just toss them in the river or bury them in the back yard because it is devastating to the environment and the public health, not to mention illegal according to Federal law (40 CFR part 273). Most states have their own laws prohibiting the disposal of rechargeable batteries, as well. So, the big question - what to do with the old batteries?

The answer: recycle them!

You can take your used rechargeable batteries to one of your local Department of Sanitation's Household Special Waste Drop-off Sites. They offer battery recycling information for Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), or Small Sealed Lead (Pb) weighing 2 pounds or less.


Since most of us use lead batteries weighing much more than 2 pounds, check out your own city's Department of Sanitation web page and see what they have to offer - or else just call them. Another option is retail stores, like auto parts stores or service outlets, which sell new Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Most will likely accept a small number (one or two) of spent Sealed Lead Acid batteries for recycling.


Tip: When transporting batteries be sure to eliminate the terminal contacts by either placing the battery in a plastic bag or wrapping black electrical tape around them


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