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Pedal Car Safety Tips - Ride on Pedal Toy Safety

PedalCarsPedal cars unlike battery powered ride on toys have no automatic breaks.

A.) Keep children away from hills, slopes, steep driveways and bodies of water.


B.) Drive only of hard flat surfaces.


C.) Being much lower to the ground Pedal cars pose an additional safety concern in that they are harder to see from an adult drivers point of view. Let nearby neighbors know that they have an "additional driver" in the neighborhood and potentially on the sidewalk.

D.) Don't allow the children to push the vehicle while another child is driving it. The drivers legs and feet may get tangled up in the pedal assembly and cause injury.


E.) With pedal Aeroplanes, no scarves around the neck, as it can bet caught up in the pedal mechanism and cause injury.


F.) Shoes should be warn at all times to avoid foot injury.


Have Fun, Be Well, Enjoy the Family Time

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