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Kids Wheels - Summer Toy and Play Safety Tips
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Summer Ride Toy and Play Safety Tips

24 volt ride on toys

Follow these tips to make your outdoor summer ride toy play safe and more enjoyable.

1. Keep plenty of water or sports drinks on hand before, during and after outdoor play. Studies show that children do not always experience thirst before dehydration, so it is important that they drink regularly even when they do not feel thirsty.


2. Always have children wear sunscreen when playing outside. They should apply an SPF of at least 15.


3. Constant adult supervision during play is crucial, particularly for outdoor activities involving ride-ons and pools.

4. Keep toys, tricycles and other playthings away from pools so a child is not attracted to play near the water.


5. Always have children wear helmets, and other protective gear when using bicycles, scooters and other ride-ons. Also make sure the gear is secure and fits comfortably.


6. When playing outside, clothing should be light-colored as well as light-weight.


7. Children should avoid playing in areas where insects may be found such as standing water and flower gardens.


8. Ensure that play never takes place near traffic.


9. Ride-on toys should only be used on smooth surfaces.


10. Children should learn the proper turn and stop hand signals when riding bicycles etc.


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