12 Volts Jeep & SUV

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National Products 12V Two Seater Hummer H2 NP0188


Power Wheels 12V Barbie Jammin Jeep X6642


Feber 12V Range Rover Feb-800008662


National Products 12V Two Seater Fire Engine NP0613


Peg Perego 12V Polaris RZR 900 Pink IGOD0073


Peg Perego 12V Polaris RZR 900 Camo IGOD0074


National Products 12V Mercedes Benz G55 NP0592


National Products 12V Mercedes Benz G55 - Black. NP0591


Power Wheels 12V Ford F-150 T6991


Power Wheels 12V Cadillac Escalade N8417


Power Wheels 12V Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler T6138


Power Wheels 12V Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler T8396


Power Wheels 12V Dune Racer W2602


National Products 12V Mighty Wheelz Red 2 Seater 4X4 NP0565


National Products 12V Rollin' Rambler 2 Seater NP0569


National Products 12V Surfer Girl 2 Seater 4X4 NP0566


Injusa 12V Two Evasion Jeep BT-753


Injusa 12V Phantom Racer Ride on Toy Truck BT-754


Raskullz Helmet Buggins - Pink


Raskullz Helmet Shark Attax – Black


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12 Volts Jeep & SUV


Young children have very impressionable minds that observe and copy behavior. It is quite natural to find your child imitating the way you talk, eat, behave or even drive! Driving is one such act that almost every child loves. With battery powered vehicles, your child will have sort of an adventure ‘driving’ around your yard and in your neighborhood.

The 12 Volts Jeep and SUV range from KidsWheels.com is perfect for you children’s backyard off-road adventures! These 12 Volts Jeeps and SUVs are replicas of actual vehicles so that your child feels he/she is driving a miniature version of the family four wheel drive. The adventure and thrill your darling angels will receive from sitting in the jeep and SUV is beyond comprehension.

At KidsWheels.com, Jeeps and SUVs are available as tough looking vehicles with rugged grab bars available in red, black, blue and white. Don’t worry! We have a pink vehicle range for your little girls who love having adventures in the little rides such as Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler and Dora the Explorer Jeep Wrangler. Your children will be overjoyed with sitting behind the wheel with their sunglasses on and the wind blowing their hair.

KidsWheels.com provides 12 Volts Jeeps and SUVs from various manufacturers such as Power Wheels, National Products, and Injusa. You child can choose from an assortment of 12V Jeeps and SUVs that are replicas of fire engines, Mercedes Benz, Ford F-150, Cadillac Escalade, Jeep Wranglers, dune racers and jeeps. These ride-ons are suitable for children between 3 and 7 years of age and have a seating capacity of two children.  They come with forward speeds of 2.5 mph and 5 mph and a reverse feature. Kids can easily operate these vehicles on hard surfaces and grass while having their adventures.