6 Volts Exotic Cars

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National Products 6V Mercedes Benz E550 NP0774


Remoted Controled 6V Batmobile BT002


Kalee 12V Lotus Exige KL-7011


National Products 6V One Seater Pro Kart - Red NP0550


Kalee 6V Audi R8 Spyder DX-51872


National Products 6V Shelby Cobra 0845 0846


Feber 6V Ferrari F430 BTFeb-800004887


6V Mini Motos Star Car - Black 5188BK


Injusa 6V Silver Speedy Kart SKU-665


National Products 6V Hummer Yellow NP0571


National Products 6V Hummer Pink NP0572


Dexton 12V Lamborghini Murcielago DX-50226


Power Wheels 6V Military Jeep W0028


6V Mini Motos Star Car - Red 5188R


Raskullz Helmet Cutie Cat - Pink


Raskullz Helmet Radgon – Yellow


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6 Volts Exotic Cars

Children are fascinated with cars from the time they see their parents driving around the car and riding in one. You must have let your little one ‘drive’ the car by allowing them to grip the steering wheel with their tiny hands. For them, it must have been a thrilling experience. Kids can’t wait to grow up and get their hands on the actual vehicle. With battery operated vehicles for kids, your children can drive their very own car! They would be thrilled to have their own Ferrari or Mercedes and drive their friends around.

At KidsWheels.com, our range of 6V exotic cars comes from the best ride-on toy manufacturers such as National Products, Mini Motos, CTM, Kalee, Power Wheels and others. These exotic rid-ons are created from a combination of fine craftsmanship and design to reflect the actual vehicles. Why not give your children a replica of an actual Ferrari or Hummer that they can enjoy?

KidsWheels.com features 6V exotic cars that capture the essence of the real vehicle. Working brakes, forward and reverse functions, foot accelerator, horns and an easy grip steering wheel are all part of the exotic ride on-toys for kids. All these realistic accessories give your children a feel of the actual car. Our premium range of 6V exotic cars is suitable of kids between 3 and 6 years of age. With the 6 volt electric motor, these 6V exotic cars can speed to a maximum of 3 mph.  Since their driving speeds are low, they can work well only on hard surfaces.

KidsWheels.com provides a range of 6V exotic cars that you can choose from for your child. Our range includes National Products’ Mini Cooper and Hummer, Power Wheels McQueen and Jeep, Mini Motos Star Car range, CTM Luxury Roadster, Kalee Lamborghini and Mercedes and more.