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Power Wheels Battery Peg Perego and Razor

Running on Empty? Charge up your batteries for ride on toys with Kids Wheels!

Batteries for ride on toys don’t have to be a pain in the neck. Stay stocked—and charged—with our impressive selection.

You’ve got to be prepared. Truly. Batteries for ride on toys are as essential as the batteries for every gift on Christmas morning—no one younger than voting age will really understand why their amazing car, truck, or SUV has suddenly stopped, stone cold, in the middle of their grand adventure.

Weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth—just avoid it with our inventory of batteries for ride on toys.

Our Variety of Batteries Will Impress

Whatever you need—Power Wheels battery, Peg Perego battery, anything from 6 to 36 volts—we’ve got or we can get for you without any trouble. Your Little Tikes Talking Train battery need is no match for us—we’ve got a battery that’s compatible with it and with a host of other fun (and indispensable) toys.

Keep Those Batteries for Ride on Toys Charged at Home

We carry a wide variety of not only batteries, but also chargers and battery/charger combos so that you can anticipate and avoid another battery crisis. With our wide inventory of chargers, you can teach your little driver the merits of “fueling up” before you go out exploring—and hopefully create a kid who refills the real gas tank before coming home on Saturday night!